Social Media & Spirituality

Finding your path towards spiritual enlightenment can begin in many different places. There is no wrong place to begin, but each of us must be mindful of where we think we are headed – and how we believe we will get there. From books to seminars and classes, there is an endless array of options – which now has the double-edge benefits of adding social media to the mix. 

Technology has been one of the best tools in the modern age to help spread the message and benefits of spiritual balance and growth. Just as a knife can be an essential tool to cut food to feed a hungry family, it can also be used for more destructive purposes. It is therefore the “purpose” that we give things in our lives that helps determine how it will affect us. Spirituality is no different, which is why we must take time to understand which path we are setting ourselves on and why?

Social media has been both a blessing and curse to the growth of spirituality. The ability to immediately connect with people – even a world away – with just a few clicks is revolutionary. But like the knife, this tool can also turn into something that ends up taking away more than it gives. 

Spiritual enlightenment is about letting go of things that needlessly weighs us down. The dangers with using social media as a tool for spiritual health, is we can train ourselves to seek the gratification of likes, comments and followers, rather than the spiritual benefits you’re giving to yourself and others. 

The dopamine hits you give your brain when you get that digital thumbs up is building a cycle of attachment that your conscious and subconscious brain will want to repeat over and over again. Very quickly your social media posts, meant to be a bridge to help yourself and others connect and grow on a spiritual level, quickly becomes another tool to feed the desires for your brain and our ego’s gratification – not ones inner spirit.

Becoming more attuned to the world around us, and each other, demands we open ourselves up and free our minds of the burdens that weigh us down. Social media can show people where to find spiritual experiences and what they look like, but not feel like. Digital communication is merely a window into something larger, but can quickly become a giant mirror that only reflects back our own wants and desires. 

Social media can be alluring to some who want to create the “perfect post” or strike the “perfect pose”. However, we are only projecting a crafted image of how we want the world to see us – rather than who we truly are. It can help fuel our own denial about the realities in our own lives. So, we must ask ourselves; “Why am I making this post? Who is it really for? What am wanting out of this? Will this grow my spirituality or diminish it?” 

Honestly with ourselves is the real key to unlock the doors to our spiritual growth. It is ok to recognize that some things we do is for gratification. Pleasure is an important part of our spiritual health. Understanding why we are doing something and what is driving that desire is where the truth can be harder to find and manage.

Achieving spiritual authenticity in a world fueled by “likes” can be hard if we lose sight of what we are truly looking for and why. Being able to connect and support each other like never before can be spiritually rewarding unto itself.

We are all a part of a much larger community, no matter where we live. Helping share the message and benefits of achieving balance and harmony within our environment has never been easier, thanks to social media. Which is why we all have to be mindful of why this amazing tool should be respected and uses properly for the benefit of others, not just ourselves. 

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