Selling Spirituality With Sex

There is a lot of sexuality at the heart of our spiritual centres. It is an integral part of our humanity and how we fulfill our happiness and need for pleasure that we can share with others. But sex, sexuality, and spirituality – while deeply intertwined – are not the same things. And it is our relationship to all three that helps us achieve, or disrupt, our spiritual balance.  

In a world of conflicting messages, social attitudes, stigmas, and generational repression – it can be hard to understand where our sexual centre-point lies – or how to find it. Just as love and laughter are essential to our happiness, so is our sexual spirituality. However, in a world where skin sells almost better than anything, the temptation to wrap it around spirituality can certainly make for good business. But is it good business?

Spiritual enlightenment is about understanding and achieving a balance within our self and all around us. Too much of one emotion or desire, comes at the expense of another. There is only so much room on our spiritual plates, and if we overload one kind, it comes at the expense of pushing aside another.  

When we lose touch with ourselves, we also lose touch with our natural world and our harmonized place within it. When we can arrive a place where we accept, feel free and liberated inside our bodies and our minds, we add to the harmony in the natural world that surrounds us.  

Understanding differences between desires and needs and how they impact the relationship we have with ourselves is very important. Knowing what our spiritual health needs, verses what our selfish desires want, can help guide us closer to achieving a spiritual balance.   

But understanding ‘need vs desire’ is not about denying the wondrous pleasures our bodies can gives us. It is about using and expressing our love, connection, and compassion for ourselves – and others – in one of the most spiritually fulfilling ways. But doing so in a way that feeds our souls, not just hormones. When people connect in a meaningful, deep, and physical level, it can be a gateway a to higher state of consciousness.  

When a person achieves a spiritual balance, they are better able to regulate and stay attuned to what the body and mind need, rather than seeking as much as it can get.  It is then they can experience higher levels of calm, consciousness, and spiritual fulfillment.

Sex and skin are hard to ignore and grab people’s attention. But the message it sends does not promote spiritual enlightenment or the idea of finding a balance within. It is about triggering those evolutionary pleasure centres of the brain, that can often lead us astray. It also helps drive consumers to open their wallets because of something tantalizing they’ve seen.  Which is driven by the ego’s desire for something it ‘wants’ – not ‘needs'.  

No one is born with a clear understanding of what it means to seek, gain, and achieve spiritual enlightenment. But thousands of years of meditative practice and spiritual guides has provided us with a way to achieve enlightenment, including understanding and embracing the importance of our sexuality as a critical component of our spirituality.  

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