Religion vs Spirituality

Every religion asks you to trust in a higher power at work. In order to create that relationship a certain level of surrender is necessary to fully embrace it. How we show our trust can take many forms, like performing conscious rituals. We do so because it helps keep us on a path towards the enlightenment we seek, and the fulfilment it brings.

Conscious rituals are part of every religion, like going to church on Sundays in your finest clothes, perhaps you light a candle. Other religious rituals may ask you to cleanse your feet or bring a gift to offer. These are the sorts of conscious rituals we do in order to express our surrender. While different, these all take the religious individual to the same place. A place that allows each of us to be guided by that higher power we seek in order to achieve personal enlightenment.  

It is within our surrender that we are able to gain a new level of spiritual independence. A new kind of awakening within ourselves and a deeper understanding. How we define the high power that guides each of us is ultimately not important. The benefits to ourselves and the improvements to the world we all share is what we all gain. 

Many religions have different means of worship from Anu to Buddha. Hindus have sacred Temples and idols, Muslims have Mecca, Christians have Cathedrals and guardian angels. But ultimately, Jesus was a Bhakta (devotee) at heart. While others followed his messages of love, peace and enlightenment, it was through his example, not just words that showed the true power of his teachings. A spiritual pattern that repeats around the world. How we live is more important than what we preach. That is what helps give spiritual balance to all of us. 

Practitioners of Kabbalah will see the common paths it shares with the ancient Vedas. As whirling Sufi Dervishes seek to achieve enlightened perfection, it shares a spiritual rhythm with others, such as the dancing and singing of Hare Krishna’s. These are moments of unity and commonality. Religion is merely the vessel through which an individual’s spiritual awakening is achieved. But religion isn’t the only path to spiritual growth.  

We must accept that all spiritual paths are interconnected in unique ways. Our capacity for spiritual enlightenment is universal amongst us. What we all seek is a way to unlock the wisdom that is available to us all. It is our endless potential for spiritual enlightenment that ensures the light of wisdom can always shine upon the path before us.  

The ability to surrender to a higher spiritual enlightenment is about letting go. Letting go of the cumbersome companion of ego.  Ego blinds the minds-eye to who we truly are and what we can achieve. By learning to surrender our spiritual and personal inhibitions we free ourselves to open our minds to a new level conscious awakening. 

Our capacity to bestow the gifts of love and compassion upon ourselves is just as important as doing it for others. Enlightenment shows us how. Released from our egos, our ability to surrender and trust in a higher spiritual power gives each of us the freedom to be guided rather than led.

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