Established in 2019, the Sattva Sanctuary Australia is an extension of the Sattva Centre in India. It’s a retreat centre and yoga studio dedicated to higher learning, safeguarding the authenticity of ancient yogic teachings, while simultaneously keeping Sattva yoga and spirituality relevant to our everyday modern lives.

Founded in the ancient Indian Sattva yoga tradition and deeply inspired by Anand Mehrotra, the centre is home to both direct Sattva learning as well as events and workshops which support an aligned, grounded and holistic spiritual life.

Founding couple Ritika and Eran call the Sanctuary home, living onsite, in the beautiful Burringbar Valley of North New South Wales, Australia, with their young family and tending to the property and surrounding wildlife with daily love and care. By immersing fully into the Sattva way of life they are able to support visitors to experience first hand the natural abundance of the property and the profound healing and learnings of the spiritual practice. Whether it’s through their own yoga and astrology coaching, regular classes or by welcoming other practitioners and teachers to the sanctuary, Ritika and Eran facilitate and embody a more harmonious and spiritual way of life.

The Sattva Sanctuary Australia community, our Sattva Sangha, is dedicated to consistency of practice, creating conscious rituals and surrounding ourselves in the company of friends as we honor our elders, children and the planet.

Our Founders

Ritika Sikka

As most journeys start, Ritika’s began with a broken heart and complete and utter disillusionment of the status quo of life. Born and raised in India until she was 16, Ritika grew up with many of the rituals and practices she uses now, but without a deeper understanding and context they held little meaning or purpose. Studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from University of British Columbia, in Canada, it wasn’t until heartbreak drove her to find soul satisfying meaning in her life, purpose and creativity that she transformed her life.

Her spiritual journey began with Osho Meditation Centre in Pune, where Ritika spent 2 years learning the various osho meditation techniques, and participating in many therapies like Path of Love, Mystic Rose, Diamond Breath Work. After Osho, the journey took Ritika to the feet of the holy mountain, Arunachala in Tamilnadu. Here Ritika was introduced to the teachings of advaita (non-duality) and her meditation practice deepened greatly as she spent hours meditating in the caves where many yogis including Ramana Maharishi spent time. Her spiritual journey led her to the jungles of Iquitos in the heart of Amazon jungle. Here she took the sacred Ayahuasca and sat with Shamans, cleansed herself further and gained deeper clarity about the meaning of life. Seven years of spiritual seeking, visiting several holy places, studying with various gurus and teachers like Mooji, Dolano, Shanti Mayi, Ritika found her way back to India where she met her teacher Anand Mehrotra. Anand Mehrotra is the founder of  Sattva Yoga. He reintroduced Ritika to her culture and roots. Becoming a teacher and practitioner, Ritika knows first hand the power of these teachings as she has applied them to every aspect of her own life consistently over the past 15 years and seen the result, the magnificent life she is living!

Ritika ran a wellness centre in Goa, India, for 6 years before moving to Australia in 2017. It was an iconic centre which very quickly became a centre for all the yogis, thinkers and creatives in the area. Hosting many amazing teachers from different fields, festivals and showcases, the centre became a heart of the village and its many events the social and spiritual highlights of the annual calendar. Founding the Sattva Yoga Sanctuary and retreat centre in North New South Wales, Australia, with her partner Eran, she is inspired to create a space where she can offer her love through teachings, food, laughter and nature.  

Ritika is a life long learner and life long teacher.  She inspires her clients and students to live their best life through the Sattva yoga teachings, sharing the underlying practical knowledge and wisdom. Sattva yoga and philosophies, harmonise all aspects of life so that it is no longer compartmentalised as social life, personal life, work life. There is one life, and one way of living which reflects the true essence of who you are. Through her work she equips her students to bring abundance and joy to their everyday lives and the confidence to live their most authentic life.

Ritika offers astrological readings, yoga and meditation workshops, individual practice design and retreats.  Her work is perfect for you if you want to tap into the divine feminine and goddess elements of creativity, energy and abundance - yes men even you have more juice for life, more beauty and more lusciousness - spirituality doesn’t need to be uncomfortable or feel like a chore. Fill your life with spirit and meaning so you can surrender into your flow. Learn practices which have a very quick, visceral impact access a deep state of stillness so you can be guided by your own inner wisdom And most importantly be spiritually independent and not dependent on a “guru” - the practices ARE the teachings and as you practice, the teachings unfold for you.

Eran Niv

Eran was born in a small kibbutz village in Israel. This is where he developed the understanding of living in a community, a community that works towards a common goal. Eran, being a sensitive soul, had many challenges throughout his early childhood growing up in a very close minded patriotic community. His dyslexia created more challenges at school where he was not understood or supported which lead to depression. His only escape was to be in nature herding sheep. This is where he found peace and serenity.
Eran’s own spiritual journey began when he packed his bags and decided to travel to India to nurse his broken heart. He found his way to Osho, where he participated in many amazing practices like dynamic meditation, mystic rose meditation, group therapies. These therapies and practices allowed him to overcome his childhood conditioning and personal challenges. This is where he also met his wife, Ritika.

His journey took him to the jungles of Peru to take Ayahuasca, to the temples and ashrams in South India. He met many gurus and teachers who kept feeding his soul with nourishing spiritual wisdom. Eran finally found Sattva Yoga and completely transformed his life.

His own spiritual adventures and life experiences have led to his current life, living his dream with his wonderful family in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  As a co founder of the Sattva Yoga Sanctuary retreat centre, where he lives with his wife Ritika, their daughter Zohar, he is able to not only immerse himself in his best spiritual life daily but also help others to do the same.

Eran’s path required him to completely move away from his birth culture and step into the unknown.  Leaving Israel in 2007, Eran released the shackles of his family culture and religious dogma and went in search of a more aligned spiritual framework and meaning.  He studied Sattva yoga directly from the masters in the Himalayas and trained as a fully qualified yoga teacher.  He went on to learn about meditation and slowly reintegrate what he knew with the Jewish Kabbalah.  Eran’s spiritual exploration has taken him to a full, rich life without regrets and by overcoming his own challenges he is now able to support other people to do the same.

Living a holistic yogic life where “regular” life and spiritual life are one and the same, Eran uses yoga, astrology, Sattva and Jewish teachings to design personal practices, do astrological readings and also teach. Coaching, mentoring and inspiring others to live their highest, most authentic lives by living his own. Eran is dedicated to helping people with personal and spiritual growth that helps them to become better, happier, more peaceful, holistic human beings.

Eran’s own experiences have enabled him to relate deeply to people who want to step out of their learned family, religious and social culture in order to discover a better, more authentic life.

The practices that Eran share are:
• Saatva comprehensive:  yoga journeys, with includes Himalayan breath work, pranayama, kriyas, and asana.
• Vedic Meditation: initiation, a personal practice that has a bottomless effect on the practitioners.
• A Vedic astrology: chart reading that helps people dial in and tune in to a more profound, elegant experience of life. Each reading includes tools to make the correct changes and empower the individual.


High vibrations and the company of mother nature will take you on the path to peace, away from the chaos of the modern times. Nestled in the beautiful Burringbar Valley of northern New South Wales, Australia, the Sanctuary offers eco luxury accommodation and amenities surrounding a living pool and wilderness. Take a full tour of our sanctuary by clicking below.
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The retreat centre is underpinned by a dedication to enable consistency of practice, create conscious rituals, surround ourselves and each other in the company of friends, honour our elders, children, our heritage and our planet. The space, teachings, and activities are all deliberately crafted to keep in deep alignment with nature. Get in touch with us to plan a personalized retreat.
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